Exercise Prescription


Fitness is a lifestyle and a journey.  When it comes to health and wellness there is no single program that is one-size-fits-all.  We are all unique so why shouldn’t your exercise program reflect that? Instead of following the crowd, let the professional trainers at Lone Star Health and Fitness design a program that is tailored specifically to your needs and goals.  With over 30 years of combined experience we have seen it all—from young athletes to senior citizens, from healthy to injured, and everyone in between.  Our trainers hold advanced degrees in exercise physiology and kinesiology, and are able to assist with weight loss, toning, power and speed, muscle gain, increased strength, and nutrition education.  Your exercise prescription will be designed by our experts to fit your current fitness level, taking into account your medical history as well as personal schedule, starting you down the right path for you

Essentials of an Exercise Prescription

An exercise prescription will take into consideration the principles of conditioning and include the following basics:

Fitness Assessment and Evaluation

As we’ve mentioned, we believe that fitness is not just a lifestyle but a journey, and you can’t get to your destination without a map.  A fitness assessment is that map and the first step in exercise prescription.  Our competent and qualified personal trainers will establish a baseline of your current fitness level by not only taking your exercise history but also by measuring the following:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Body Composition
  • And Cardiovascular Endurance

These assessments will be repeated at regular intervals to help gauge your progress.

Type of Exercise

During your assessment, the trainers will ask what your fitness goals and interests are in order to better prescribe the type of exercise for those goals.   Those goals may vary, such as to run a marathon, enjoy a ski vacation, prepare for bariatric surgery, or to lower blood pressure.   A well-balanced prescription will include a variety of exercises to help:

  • Build core strength
  • Increase endurance
  • Gain flexibility

Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular exercise involves rhythmic movement of large muscle groups that helps to increase blood flow and raise heart rate range for a period of time.  Cardio includes bicycling, aerobics, walking, swimming, running, etc.

Cardiovascular exercise is an important part of any prescription as it aids in a number of health improvements including, but definitely not limited to:

  • Decreased risk of many diseases
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Diminished levels of body fat
  • Improvement of overall heart health

Strength Training

Strength training, like cardio, is an important component of fitness and is incredibly personalized for each client based on their fitness abilities.

A proper prescription will include working the core and all of the major muscle groups in various combinations that will help build strength, agility and balance through resistance. Types of resistance used for strength training can include a variety of:

  • Free weights
  • Machine weights
  • Water
  • Resistance bands
  • And body weight

Frequency, Duration and Intensity

During your assessments, our trainers will be able to create a safe and effective exercise prescription based on your fitness level and goals that asks the following:

  • How often should you exercise?
  • How long should your sessions be?
  • How intense should you be pushing yourself?

Most prescriptions often start with two to three times per week progressing to five to six times depending on your fitness level.  Adjustments to your prescription will be constant and ongoing for the rest of your life.  It will be an ebb and flow of pushing yourself to taking needed breaks, to increasing and decreasing your duration and intensity over time, to mixing it up and trying new activities to keep you and your muscles from getting bored.

We have affordable pricing plans to help you reach your goals without straining your budget.

Whatever your fitness goals may be, let Lone Star Health and Fitness help you train better, feel better and look better!  Contact us today to get started with your personalized exercise prescription.